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Golden Buffet with warm, elegant space sparkling, glittering, sprawling of the HoiAn Lantern will promise to bring you the most delicious dishes, hot sauce, best for health.

Golden Buffet Restaurant is as Mom’s Food Buffet,” because it gives to the customers the familiar taste of warmth is the blend of Vietnamese-Korean cuisine, with all of themost famous dishes of the country of kimchi (Korean noodles, fried meat, Gimbap, tokbokgi, grilled pork, kimchi, …) combines with the Vietnamese foods (many kind of salads, Curry Chicken, fried chicken wing sauce, poached duck, springroll wrappers, crab soup, beef lagu, …) make a form the unique combination of the two culinary cultures-South Korea.

You can choice of restaurant is the place for lunch, dinner or where reload energy after go to the sauna at Golden Lotus Healing Spa World.

There are more than 40 dishes, with 50% of the Korean dishes and 50% of Vietnamese dishes, every day Buffet Menu is always changed to dishes guests can experience all the flavors of Korean & Vietnamese delicacies. The Korean dishes will be cook by Korean chef to taste 100% original version so people can feel the whole Korean cuisine.

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