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(treatment combines infrared rays and negative ions)

This room is filled with heated Chun Gi To Vocalnic ball giving great effect of acupressure (massage) as well as equipped with therapeutic Jjim Jil Machine emitting infrared rays and negative ions (known as vitamins of the air). Chun Gi To is antioxidant and anti-aging substance contained with mysterious and rare earth minerals which help to excrete human waste and toxic substances out of the body. This will enhance biological defenses and natural healing against diseases and delay aging process.

In addition, the good quality of bio in Chun Gi To under infrared rays stabilize EEG (brainvaves) giving peace of mind, purifying body exhausted by air polution, activating physiological function of cells which will help to preserve health.


Chun Gi To Ball room effect:

  • Enhance the metabolism and anti-aging
  • Recover health, increase brain activity, sleep well
  • Eliminate toxin, fecal impaction; burn fat, excrete wastes out of body
  • Relax body muscles and blood vessel to improve blood circulation
  • Detoxify the whole body, anti-bacterial effect
  • Relieve pains by arthritis, shoulder & back pain
  • Get smooth beautiful skin
  • Acupuncture, acupressure and heavy metal ion adsorption effects
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