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(treatment combines infrared rays and negative ions)

Togul Bang is designed with the mineral mud and natural ocher earth walls, in addition equipped with a steam equipment (used in medical treatment) radiating infrared rays and negative ions that create combined therapy. In according to many scientific studies, mineral mud is mud formed by natural geological changes, a natural product of the earth’s environment by biological degradation of organic substance (plants, herbs, flowers) through biochemical processes in nearly 40,000 years.

The chemical composition of the sludge depends on the type of mud, but most contain cabonat, sulfates, phosphates, iron and sulfur minerals… The minerals in mud interact with the body working well for chronic diseases of musculoskeletal system, bones and joints, balance activities of the nervous system, which helps the skin beautiful, smooth, youthful …


Togul Bang under the effect of heat, herbs, mud, negative ions and infrared rays to create a synergistic effect, such as:

  • Detoxify, burn fat, purify bod
  • Improve metabolism, anti-aging, rejuvenate body cells
  • Reduce aches, bones and joint aches
  • Increase productivity of the brain, improve sleep
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