Facial Massage

Facial massage  60 mins – 420.000 vnd  (most favorite service)

So many external factors of environmental pollution especially the sun always make women’s skin worsened, these cause the skin to appear more and more wrinkles, skin tanning, skin pigmentation … take away the skin’s youthful looks. Facial massage is an effective way to keep the youthful look forever for you.

Service Procedure – All korean cosmetics are used provide vitamin E, C, collagen, etc. . :

  1. Relax with vented oil & acupressure
  2. Cleansing and exfoliating with cosmetics
  3. Acne treatment
  4. Massage neck with fruit & vitamins cream
  5. Facial massage
  6. Roller stimulates blood circulation
  7. Apply whitening cream
  8. Apply herbal or collagen mask
  9. Massage hands , feet, head
  10. Use the ultrasonic & frequency machine to lift up and tone skin
  11. Apply moisturizer , serum cream (anti -acne+anti- bactericidal + shrinken pores), wrinkle creams for anti – aging


The nature of ultrasound: Ultrasound is used in the field of beauty 20 years ago, and it caused a big buzz in the beauty of the art world. In the beauty salon tradition, one massage with hands and fingers press… do spend a lot of time. Unlike the traditional care, ultrasonic waves deep into the leather fibers with heat energy and light moving, wonderfully effective. The effect of ultrasound:

  • Take away the epidermis: Cleansing is a first step to beauty. Without this step, all the care are useless. The motion and vacuum (bubble) help the epidermis of skin aging and mucus in the pores.
  • Clean Acne: movement and the ability of ultrasonic cavitation can easily get dirt out of the skin.
  • Firming: cleansing dead skin. Ultrasound make skin moisture and better nutrition, the proper massage makes the skin firmer.
  • Blurring bruise: Making the infected cells separated from the pigment epithelium tissue and white blood cells move it out. Therefore, the skin will return to the original natural pigment. Burning fat effectively.
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