Mr BBQ & SsAm restaurant

Known as a place to introduce the culture of Korean cuisine to diners in Saigon. It is famous for the dishes properly processed in Korean style. The restaurant always takes particular care from raw materials selection stage to processing stage and finished presentation to ensure 50 items of food menu which is both delicious, attractive and eye-catching as well.

Mr.BBQ & SsAm restaurant is a unique culinary space dedicated to those who love and look forward to exploring Korean cuisine. Besides, the restaurant also serves traditional dishes of Vietnam.  Read more >>

Snack bar

(Serve at 1st floor and 3rd floor)

Snack Bar serves the drinks and some snacks specifically of Korea. The drinks include apricot juice, fermented Korean rice water, soft drinks, coconut, Pocari, corn tea, red ginseng, coffee, mineral water, beer. Specials: Pat-bing-Su, Mango, Matcha BingSu.

The snacks such as: baked eggs, Korean dumplings, Korean fried fish, Korean sausages, Hotdog. Food and beverages which are the best in Snack Bar are baked eggs, apricot juice, fermented Korean rice water, featuring of Korea and have many benefits for health.

Less sugar, not too sweet, a lot of nutrients and vitamins are particular traits of Korean nutritional drinks.


Kids café (Extra fees)

Kids Cafe is a unique play area for children at the Golden Lotus Spa with smart and safe toys totally imported from Korea. Kids Cafe takes your children to a world of creativity and aesthetics, help children developing intelligence, constitution and emotion.

Diversified entertainment centers help children learn about the world through the wonderful activities, help children having good condition to develop a healthy constitution. The children will be passionate in play, creativity and making friends with their peers at Kids cafe while their parents will have private time to enjoy services or Korean food at the Spa.


Family Cinema

Breaking the concept of conventional Spa, Korean Spa, after time for rest and care your health, Spa is equipped a family cinema with modern equipments, a lively sound system to let you and your family have leisure time most comfortably.

Our family cinema is ready to serve you at the time as follows:

– Show starts at 11 am: Action film

– Show starts  at 13 pm: Emotional film

– Show starts  at 16 pm: Cartoons film

– Show starts  at 18 pm: Action film

– Show starts  at 20 pm: Action film

Please notice the time to not miss your favorite films.


Games & Karaoke

This is a fun entertainment for the whole family and a group of friend. The children will be infatuated with video games the whole family will also have the opportunity to perform their talent of singing together. And you? You and your friends will have the opportunity to maximize fun to forget about the time in the our Game & Karaoke room.

Let’s together “shine” all your best talent in music. You will see the time passed very quickly and you will have a day with full of fun and excitement. Let’s come spa with your close friends or your family to have fun &  have good time together and don’t forget to take a photograph to record those memorable moments.


HoiAn Light Garden

Here you will enjoy the shimmering light of lanterns with many colors such as red and blue, yellow, purple, pink, orange… attract the eyes make you feel like wandering into a corner of the old town of Hoi An. The lanterns hung on high, shimmering colors make a corner of the garden where is lighted up the delightful, mysterious beauty.

Looking the shimmering lanterns in sunshine will make your mood perky and light extraordinarily. The night will be the time that the small corner of Hoi An Light Garden is the most beautiful. The brightly beautiful & shimmering light from lanterns shine a corner of the garden where the birds are hiding in the cage to wait until bedtime to take a deep sleep, then they will wake up and sing a song in the morning.

Free Exercise Zone

Our free exercise zone will help you workout anytime, anywhere. Jogging and cycling are the two sports very good for your health and your figure, combined with the Jjim Jil Bang therapy_saunna with traditional Korean style_sure you will have a very useful day to care and conserve your health and your figure. Calories will be greatly reduced.

If you are assiduous caring your figure by this method, sauna with traditional Korean styles combines doing exercise, jogging or cycling three times a week, soon you will be surprised by the results achieved.

Kids Play Zone

Kids Play Zone will make the kids excited cheering with the slide-way, swings and little house to go in and out… The children have the place to play, then the parents have more free time to enjoy the spa services. If you are wondering whether there is a play area for children or not, because if not, the children will be bored and want to go back home. Now your family is completely set your mind at rest because all members will have moments of fun, enjoy at Spa… Golden Lotus Spa cares and understands insight to each customer’s small needs to provide customers the best comfort and convenience.

Camping Zone

If you like camping, the camping zone with lovely tents on the green grass will be a private corner to implement this idea. This is the best time to enjoy the green space, tranquility, chirping of birds singing, lying curled up in beautiful tents to enjoy baked egg dishes, drinking apricot juice, fermented Korean rice water… together with your family, relatives and close friends, everybody will be closed and all distances will be disappeared. This will be a time of sharing affection and friendship, give to each other the warmth of family, friends, feeling loved, closeness and sharing.

Family Relaxing Zone

It’s great to be lying to get wind, listening to birds’s twitter after spending time for Jjim Jil Bang therapy sweated to purify the body. Our family relaxing area will definitely give you the wonderful moments for relaxing. Here you can totally free lying to sway the hammock beside the green tree lines, listening to the birds singing merrily, lying on the soft sofa, laying head on the soft pillow to read a book or lying on the wood couch for both sunbath and taking advantage of the good time to take a sleep. The lovely petite wooden chair with circle shape will surely make your friends enjoy sitting on it, playing collective games or chatting with each other.

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