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(treatment combines infrared rays and negative ions)

Using pure world-famous Himalayan rock salt for steaming while equipped with steam equipment (used in medical treatment) radiating infrared rays and negative ions that create combined therapy. Natural minerals in rock salt under the effect of high temperature and infrared rays activated to help reduce fatigue, anxiety, depression, fatigue, frequent insomnia condition, allergies, migraines, colds, and make skin more beautiful … In addition, rock salt helps balance the human energy, relax and strengthen the immune system, supports the activities of the heart, renal gland, thyroid and other organs, making the body more stable and strong. The light of rock salt plays as a catalyst to help us mentally stable, dispel fatigue and stress.


The primary effect:

  • Reduce pain caused by arthritis, osteoarthritis, neuritis
  • Abdominal pain, regulate menstruation
  • To relieve stress, burn fat, lose weight
  • Antiseptic, reduce inflammation, detoxify
  • Clean the skin, increase elasticity, make the skin white and smooth
  • Treatment of allergic dermatitis, fungal feet, heat rash
  • Treatment of colds, asthma, lung disease, allergies.
  • Improves the body’s pH
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