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Ancient Indians believed that 7 colors of the rainbow are related directly to the structure and the parts in the body of a human. Colors are particularly medicines.

1. Red: The energy position is in the spine

  • What its influences: Physical identity, ambition and stability
  • When it’s out of balance,  you may feel: (physically) fatigue, insomnia, memory loss, lower back pain, sciatica, constipation, depression, immune disorders, obesity, (emotional) anger and self-esteem issues.

2. Yellow: The energy position is in the stomach.

  • What its influences:  Self-confidence, emotional regulation and ego
  • When it’s out of balance,  you may feel: (physically) stomach pains, arthritis, diabetes, adrenal imbalances, digestive upset, (emotionally) anxiety, depression, fear of rejection, self esteem issues, indecision.

3. Green: The energy position is in the chest.

  • What its influences: Trust, love, enthusiasm, compassion
  • When it’s out of balance,  you may feel: (physically) heart conditions, asthma, shallow breathing, lung disease, (emotionally) hopelessness, lack of compassion, difficulty with love, sadness, anger, moodiness.

4. Blue: The energy position is in the throat

  • What its influences:  Communication, creativity, truthfulness, intuition, self-knowledge and self-expression.
  • When it’s out of balance,  you may feel: (physically) thyroid dysfunctions, sore throat, stiff neck, mouth ulcers, swollen glands, tooth/gum problems, hearing problems; (emotionally) indecision, lack of creativity, mood swings.

Medicinal properties of negative ions: Negative ions act as a antioxidants. According to medical studies, the negative ions are good for health and positive ions are dangerous for health. When the body accumulates many negative ions, they will neutralize harmful positive ions (free radicals), making them incapable of causing disease in the body and have effects antioxidant cells, rejuvenate the skin.

Negative ions have in abundance in the rivers, waterfalls and primeval forests. Positive ions have in abundance in dusty environments, electronic devices v… v.. Thus the body is always in condition that lacks of negative ions and needs to supply timely in order to maintain the normal functioning of the body.






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