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Pregnant women are only suitable for gentle massage movements with natural oils such as coconut oil, cajeput oil … Going to spa for pregnant women massage is very good and should go regularly.

? Benefits for pregnant women when going to spa massage:
 When going to spa, pregnant women will have a gentle and relaxing massage, soothe and relieve tension in the back and legs of pregnant women.
 Pregnancy massage helps to increase blood circulation, reduces s-tress for the fetal bones that carry the weight of the fetus.
 Reduce s-tress, insomnia for pregnant women. Increase blood and oxygen supply to both mother and fetus. Help the fetus develop healthily.
 Massage during pregnancy is a great way to relieve shoulder and hip pain.
 Increases skin elasticity, limits skin cracking, postpartum abdomen.
 Prenatal massage helps increase flexibility of the body, helping to make the upcoming birth easier by reducing pain.


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