Golden Lotus Healing Spa Land- Jjim Jil Bang PMH Dist 7

Korean-style Spa treatments

Korean-style Spa treatments (Jjim Jil Bang – in korean Jjim Jil means sauna Bang means room : sauna room) use pure ingredients from nature to steam at high temperature combined with negative ions and infrared rays known as a type of “air vitamin” in medical industry which helps to boost the excretion of toxic and aging substances out of the body, enhance the biological defenses and natural healing against diseases. Combined effect in the Golden Lotus Healing Spa Land:
– Anti-aging, recover health, increase brain activity
– Detoxify and Purify the body
– Get fit, burn fat, lose weight

– Improve mood, relieve tension & stress
– Relax the muscles, reduce pain caused by arthritis, neuralgia, back pain, shoulder pain
– Stimulate blood circulation & cell regeneration, smoothen & whiten skin
– Reduce significantly cold symptoms, asthma, allergies, insomnia.
– Reduce abdominal pain & menstrual irregularity, treat women diseases
– Prevent disease and preserve health

Korean people consider Jjim Jil Bang as a secret to preserve health and make beauty. You can find Jjim Jil Bang everywhere in Korea, the most special thing is it combines mordern technique (infrared and negative ion) and traditional unique design of the sauna room (made from pure nature materials existing thousands of year in nature accumulating Chun Gi To natural energy)

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What is the difference with conventional sauna?

Sauna combined infrared and negative ion ( Jjim Jil steam ) help eliminate toxins accumulated in the body . Unlike conventional sauna, should be carried out at high temperatures for sweating out only 3 % toxins + 97 % water , Jjim Jil Sauna combine negative ions and infrared heat conducted at 50 ° C still helps the body excrete more sweat up to 20 % of toxins including heavy metals +80 % water . [/blockquote]

Why sweating in Jjim Jil Bang combining with negative ions and infrared rays much better than normal sweating ?

Although the sun would make you easily sweat , but the effects of ultraviolet ( UV ) also burn out your and even can cause skin cancer . Or intense sports also make you to sweat out a lot but incites the nervous system as well which causes the body to secrete more toxins but excreted out very little . In Jjim Jil sauna , infrared gives deep impact on fat tissue inside the body resolve toxins, burn excess fat and excreted safely out and in the mean time able to synthesize vitamin D, re-generate cartilage, help to stimulate the production of collagen and anti- aging effect, whitening and smoothening skin. Negative ions help cell regeneration , playing as powerful antioxidant -Vitamin C, neutralizing free radicals, enhancing the body ‘s biological resistance .



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