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Known as a place to introduce the culture of Korean cuisine to diners in Saigon. It is famous for the dishes properly processed in Korean style. The restaurant always takes particular care from raw materials selection stage to processing stage and finished presentation to ensure 50 items of food menu which is both delicious, attractive and eye-catching as well.

Mr.BBQ & SsAm restaurant is a unique culinary space dedicated to those who love and look forward to exploring Korean cuisine. Besides, the restaurant also serves traditional dishes of Vietnam.

The menu is diverse genres, from fried chicken, served with white rice, stir-fried beef, to the traditional Korean dish: Udon noodles, kimchi pancakes, mixed rice, rice rolls, grilled bacon, seafood hot pot…

The restaurant space is decorated with rustic, delicate but extremely cozy style. The dishes are made from fresh ingredients, processing spices are imported from South Korea to ensure the best taste. Korean cooks with over 10 years of experience give diners the opportunity to enjoy food with all the senses.


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