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Method of hot and cold contrast bath is good for health.

Under the impact of hot water, the body is relaxed while under the influence of cold water, the elasticity of the muscle increased significantly. The hot water enlarges pores, and the opposite flow of cold water to shrink pores. As a result, the dirt will get rid of the pores on the skin.

Hot-cold contrast baths have a huge role in regulating the nervous system. This therapy helps blood flow between organs and tissues in the body better, which helps increase metabolic processes in the body. In addition, it also helps the body remove impurities in the body. The difference in temperature helps the body to be exercised.

Perhaps the concept of hot and cold bath is still quite new in Vietnam because this custom originated in ancient Rome, in Asia, only Korea and Japan are prevalent this method. In particular, this is regarded as one of the keys to long life.




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