Korean Country is famous with the romantic movies, music idol, culture with a unique style that makes people desire to have the opportunity to experience, relax, have a look and enjoy the most peaceful moments on the land of those miracles.We have brought a part of the culture,  a part of the image of Korea to Viet Nam. The Golden Lotus Spa is not only a system, but also Golden Lotus Spa is a family which was born in 2006, flourished from one branch until now, we have had six branches in Sai Gon. The most prominent at the Spa is Jjim Jil Bang service – sauna with traditional Korean style, available at  2 branches in District 3 and District 7. Branch in District 3 look like a miniature world of all  kinds of relaxing to have fun, enjoy with friends, family, friendship connections and purify the body, relax and care health. Moreover, the Spa has many services such as: Foot/Facial/Body Massage, Scrubs, Sauna by the skilled staffs will help your body be taken care, cosseted by the best.Modern life brings many benefits for people, beside that, it also comes with the threat to human health. In the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city with daily tasks, the Spa opens space not only helps you relax but also helps your body becomes light, healthy, eliminating the risk of  diseases of modern life, bringing you back to the most equilibrium, clarity and greatest spirit.

  • Food and massage (extra fees)

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Spa 1: Golden Lotus Healing Spa World – 4.000m2

Address: 27 Pham Ngoc Thach , Ward 6, District 3, HCMC – Tel: (08) 3823 9000
Service: Foot / Facial / Body Massage, Scrubs, Peeling, Traditional Sauna (dry, wet & Jacuzzi), Jjim Jil Bang (the best) & others

Spa 2: Golden Lotus Healing Spa Land – 1.500m2

Address: Garden Court 2, 139 Ton Dat Tien, Phu My Hung, District 7, HCMC – Tel: (08) 5410 7171
Service: Foot / Facial / Body Massage, Scrubs, Peeling, Traditional Sauna (dry, wet & Jacuzzi), Jjim Jil Bang (the best) & others

Spa 3: Golden Lotus Spa & Massage Club

Address: 15 Thai Van Lung, District 1, HCMC – Tel: (08) 3822 1515
Service: Foot / Facial / Body Massage, Scrubs, Traditional Sauna (dry, wet & Jacuzzi)

Spa 4: Golden Lotus Traditional Foot Massage Club

Address: 20 Ho Huan Nghiep, District 1, HCMC – Tel: (08) 3829 6400
Service: Foot / Facial / Body Massage

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